Enver Hoxha is a gay, paranoid and killer - the dictator's telegram translator

Enver Hoxha is a gay, paranoid and killer - the dictator's telegram translator

 The news that shook the upper cupola of the Labor Party: "Albanian leader, Enver Hoxha, was a homosexual, a paranoid and killer ..."

30 years ago, the escape of an Albanian Telegraphyc Agency (ATA) translator shook the communist system and the upper dome of the Labor Party. What shook the cupola was not his escape, as Albanians escaped almost every year and every month from all sides of the country, but what fussed more were the statements of the fugitive who filled the Greek press first and then the Italia,n statement dealing with the dictator's private life: "Albanian leader Enver Hoxha was a homosexual, a paranoid and killer ..."

The Greek press was filled with these statements at the beginning of November 1987. One after the other Greek papers, "Acropolis" dated on November 14, 1987, Vradhini, November 15 November, and later Italian ones "Il Mesaxhero", "La Stampa", "Corriere della sera", "La Repubblica" etc., all these papers disturbed seriously the communist Tirana.

Here's how the story stays:

Ilir Bulka, an ATA employee, a telegram and foreign agency translator dedicated personally to Enver Hoxha, escaped from Albania on September 26, 1987 when he was accompanying the "Vllaznia" team in the role of translator. On September 26 he was traveling with the Vllaznia football team from Tirana to Malta, where the match was going to be played with the local team. In return, the plane landed in Athens and the team moved to the hotel "Albatros". In the afternoon, the 38-year-old translator who spoke fluent English and French, fled carefully from the hotel, took a taxi and headed to the police where he sought political shelter.

During November 1987, Ilir Bulka, with an admirable courage, would break the figure of Enver Hoxha, as he conceived, in some articles that were published in Greece and Italy. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Albania and the Central Committee of the Albanian Communist Party were alarmed by the information coming from their representatives. Because coud do nothing to Ilir, they were supposed to exterminate Ilir Bulka's family in Tirana.

"I had been planning to flee for 10 years, but I did not find the case. I thought to wait until Hoxha died and see if the situation may change, but I saw that there is not even a thread of freedom. The economy is in a very bad state. In the market all minimal things are missing. In January I saw that there was no hope and I decided to escape. Hoxha was gay. This is well known to the people of his yard, but also to many others who had known him since he was in Paris.

It's as if we got out of jail. We prefer to kill ourselves than to go back. Please give us political refuge in Greece," Bulka declared.

These were Bulka's statements. Italian editions were referred to Greek ones. Here's of what Bulka accused dictator Hoxha. For the reader, we present only a part of the newspaper "Il Mesaxhero", dated on 11.11.1987.

The paper publishes an article titled: "Discoveries / Enver Hoxha was gay, paranoid and killer" and subtitled: "The former personal secretary of the late Tirana leader, fugitive in Athens, accuses: he killed his ministers - his lovers.

Athens - The late Albanian leader, Enver Hoxha, was a homosexual who concealed his inclinations, and therefore became paranoid and murderous. He killed with his hands many of his victims.

This was confirmed yesterday in an interview to US agency UPI, Ilir Bulka, 38, who for many years was an associate of Hoxha, for which he prepared a daily summary of world news. Bulka sought political shelter in Athens in September this year as he was traveling to Athens airport along with an Albanian football team that would conduct a match abroad.

Speaking of Hoxha, Bulka said that his paranoia increased as much as he gets older and this led him to stop the songs of love, popular poetry and dancing of male and female ballerinas on Albanian television. Bulka later stated that "Hoxha's homosexuality, to which his wife was aware, was a secret that the country's highest communist officials knew. To oppose the relations with Hoxha was the same as making suicide. His paranoia grew with his age, causing him to kill many of his lovers after having forced them into sexual intercourse with them."

Bulka then asserted that Hoxha insisted personally on getting acquainted with all male Albanian writers, poets and composers in his luxury apartment in Tirana. He wanted to talk to all young Albanian male intellectuals to make sure they were not threatening his authority, but also because he was looking for lovers.

In the interview, Bulka made her headlining after the current Albanian Communist leadership, saying the leader.

In the interview, Bulka made a surprise to the current Albanian Communist leadership, saying that the new leader Ramiz Alia "is seeking to reduce slowly the influence of Hoxha's followers in the country, but, like Soviet leader Gorbachev, there are many dangerous enemies".

Enver Hoxha died on April 1985 at the age of 76 after having led for 40 years the poorest and most isolated European country with fierce Stalinist methods and keeping it strictly isolated. According to Bulka, "the murder of his friends in the government, who he carried coldly, and the terrible cleansing came because of quarrels among the lover-lovers or were crimes based on which he was passionate." Hoxha regularly carried out cleansings in the Albanian Communist leadership and killed by himself the Defense Minister Beqir Balluku and his Prime Minister Mehmet Shehu," Bulka concluded.


The statements that Nexhmije was aware of Enver Hoxha's homosexuality and that his 'vice' had influenced all the developments of the country emerged even later, after 1991. But no one testified or brought any evidence. It is unknown what happened to this immigrant, who, after the communist regime fell out in 1991, he did not get "alive" either in the media or in any book to prove his allegations. This is simply a distant event, 30 years ago, but that seriously shook the communist system./Oculus News

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