5-years old Albanians genius read over 700 books

 Dionis Senjo is the son of an oncologist couple of Tirana.

He is only 5 years old and 2222 followers on his Facebook page. He does not promote fashion or luxury Teases, but knowledge. An ordinary boy with extraordinary knowledge.

When he was one year old he showed interest in learning letters, numbers, geometric shapes. In this age he learned the names of all the animals in Albanian and English and has been able to establish 'puzzles' for boys to 4 years. Within a few months Dionis learned to read and write numbers and letters in Albanian and English.

The talent of the boy, has always been one step ahead of their parents expectations. Parents of Dionis discovered that within a few months he learned the Italian alphabet in writing, Albanian media writes.

"We tried to stop him because we thought it would be useful for the future and thus focused hin on the France alphabet he has learned in an afternoon, in writing and in speech."

"The 3 years can perform addition, subtraction with endless numbers, mathematical operations with negative numbers, multiplication and division and we tried to stop them learn as we thought it might lose interest in school but he managed to account although we have prevented him. In Mendeleyev's table sold in bookstores of Albanian he found two mistakes", his parents say./Oculus News

5-years old Albanians genius read over 700 books 5-years old Albanians genius read over 700 books Thursday, April 13, 2017 Rating: 5
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