Dom Ernest Troshani in New York with Albanian Community

Dom Ernest Troshani in New York with Albanian Community

 Albanian Catholic Community of New York Albanians welcomed on Sunday the Cardinal Ernest Troshani. He held a mass at the Church of "Lady of Shkodra" in Hartsdale.

Dom Ernest, who last year was awarded the highest title of Cardinal by the Pope, told to VOA that is necessary to for Albanians to give each other the hand of reconciliation.

"In such an old age I never thought such a high order that will take, but the highest figure of God has plans," said Albanian Cardinai.

Dom Ernest is a tormented man who sacrificed a lot in his life. He was arrested in 1963 because held a mass for US President John F. Kennedy after is killed, and was sentenced to 18 years in prison.

Worked at camps of Rubik and Spaç, suffered for years and now at the age of 88 years he says he feels honored that the truth has prevailed.

In September 2014, Dom Ernest testified before the Pope about the Church suffering and they both had an emotional meeting.

The victimization of Albanian clergy as an unprecedented case in the history of the Catholic Church was one factor that Pope appointed him Cardinal. Believers say that religious tolerance among Albanians were another important factor.

Cardinal expresses in a few words the miracle that happened in his life:

"When I spoke, I spoke in a small place, a small church, but today the Lord has opened the doors for me for all the churches of the world."

Cardinal Troshani seid he receives invitations to speak in churches throughout the world, in Europe, Asia and America.

But he chose to meet with the American Albanian community.

Catholic community sees Dom Ernest as important authority and they consider a honor he has come here at such an age, after long suffering in communist prisons and labor camps.

To Dom Ernest is reserved a grand reception in the Church "Lady of Shkodra" in Hartsdale, where a lot of people come to meet him, over 1200 people.

In the main mass, parson of the church Dom Peter Popaj, showed an episode of Cardinal life in prison:

"In prison, they sent a spy to speak ill for the party. Dom Ernest, with his piety addresses and says: Christ teaches us to love all the people, even those who do not like us. "

Asked how he feels about his former persecutors, who kept him in prison for so long, Cardinal Ernest does not want to make judgments:

"We always have the great principle of Christ: Love each other. Forgive those who have offended. Pray for them. "

Cardinal seems indifferent to the severity of Albania's policy agenda that threatens to plunge the country into a prolonged crisis. His message is simple:

"Love one another, as Christ said, with all-love, and possibly help the poor."/Oculus News

Dom Ernest Troshani in New York with Albanian Community Dom Ernest Troshani in New York with Albanian Community Tuesday, March 28, 2017 Rating: 5
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