Albanians famous Hotels of twentieth century

Albanians famous Hotels of twentieth century

The tourism industry in Albania dates back to 1920. Especially during the monarchy era to tourism was given more attention. 

In this period was build a tourism club, was made a deal with the tourism agencies; publications and brochures were stampet in foreign languages. Was also adopted more formal guidelines about detailing rules on the hygiene of hotels, staff vesture and their behavior.

"E.T.A (Tourist Office Hotelier Albania)" was established through an agreement between the Albanian Government and the National Institute for Hospitality Industry. This entity was in charge of the construction and management of hotels in the capital and in other centers of the country.

In 1940 when Albania was occupied there is a special report, were among other things is talked also about this sector. Referring to the report, nationwide were at disposition functional 45 hotels, while were planned the construction of other hotels.

Albanians famous Hotels of twentieth century

"In the city is under construction Grande Albergo (Grand Hotel, Hotel Dajti today) that is attached to Skanderbeg Square. Construction of the hotel is in harmony with the architectural lines of the boulevard and Mediterranean style," is written in the report of 1940.

In Durres was inaugurated lately the Grande Albergo dei Dogi (Grand Hotel DOZH)". Being in a favorable position on the side of the sea, it is an efficient source for marine movement of foreigners," the report reads.

Albanians famous Hotels of twentieth century

After the war and the coming to power of the Communists, the network of hotels will be nationalized and would be put in state administration. One of the first steps would be to change the names of the hotels. For example the Grande Albergo in Tirana will be named as Hotel Dajti or "Grande Albergo dei Dogi in Durres will take the name of Volga by the communists.

Albanians famous Hotels of twentieth century

In the 50s is created the state tourism enterprise Albturist, administering the network of hotels nationwide, named Tourism.

The following is the list of 1940s hotels.


- Hotel "Continentale", Peter Bogdani street

- Hotel "Durazzo", Durrësi street

- Hotel "Imperiale", boulevard Vittorio Emanuele

- Hotel "Internazionale" boulevard Mussolini

- Hotel "Metropolis" avenue Queen Elena

- Hotel "Real", Debar street

- Hotel "Regina" boulevard "Vittorio Emanuele"


- Hotel "Augusteo"

- "Albergo dei Dogi" prince square Umberto

- Hotel "Europa"

- Hotel "Internazionale"

- Hotel "Iola"

- Hotel "Isola Bella"

- Hotel "Pallas"

- Hotel "Splendido" boulevard Vittorio Emanuele III


- Hotel "Impero"

-Hotel "Real"

- Hotel "Savoia"


- Hotel "Colombo" Royal street

-Hotel "Savoia" Royal street.

- Hotel "Tirana", Lek Dukagjin 8


- Hotel "Imperial"

- Hotel "Roma"

- Hotel "Pallas", St. Giorgio street


- Hotel "Principe"

- "Grande Albergo"


- Hotel "Illyria"

Kavaje (Durrës)

- Hotel "Adriatic"

Hotel "Elbasan"

- Hotel "Korça (Korça)"

- Hotel "Skanderberg"

- Hotel "Vlora"


- Hotel "Italy"


- Hotel "Adriatic"

- Hotel "Europa"

Peshkopi (Dibar)

- Hotel "Cendra (Center)

- Hotel "Deferimi" (Amusement)

- Pogradec (Korçë)

- Hotel "Real"


- Hotel "Bella Venezia"

- Hotel "Kastriotet Pallas"

- Hotel "Pirro"

Shijak (Durrës)

- Hotel "Agimi", B.Mussolini square.


- Hotel "Imperial", near the park

- "Grande Albergo", near the park


- Hotel "Gambino", Mosque square/Oculus News

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