Young man faked his death to avoid his arranged marriage

 His relatives believed that the Albanian Xhevahir Gjuta, 26, resident in Grosseto, Italy, died during a toss in Punta Ala. Police and family began searching in the sea, but found nothing.

But the young man, who is known in Italy by the name of Jimmy, a cameraman by profession had decided to disappear. His story is told on the show "Il Tirreno" and begun on March 14, 2013, when his personal items were found on the beach and his car was parked near the sea. 

Shortly thereafter searches began into the sea, but without result. For all those people with whom hi was famliar,  he was ded. In fact, he had decided to disappear and to start a new life in Milan, where he had gone astray, without documents and without identity

He did not call his family because he feared that they would find him. All he wanted was to cut ties with the past along with responsibilities. On April 15, he had to return to Albania for an arranged marriage, but preferred to pretend as if dead for not fulfilling the duty of his parents loaded for him.

Few days ago the young man told everything to Police in Tuscany. "We fall asleep very late, but Jim did not told me about where he was during this period and why he disappeared, leaving us to believe he's dead. I believe he is shocked," said Besi, the young cousin, with whom he shared the apartment.

After the disappearance without leaving any traces, the relatives of the young man wrote on Facebook very touching words. They suffer the death of Xhevahir, but although the young man could see the posts, did not reacted.

Young man faked his death to avoid his arranged marriage Young man faked his death to avoid his arranged marriage Wednesday, July 06, 2016 Rating: 5
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