Serbs: Kosovo will be accepted by UEFA

UEFA will recognize Kosovo as a new member in the next Congress in Budapest. Finally the news confirmed by Serbian media.

The daily "Politika" complained that UEFA's leaders would violate the status solely to join Kosovo.

UEFA statute considers in essential that a new member must be a state, whose independence has been acknowledged by the United Nations. But the reasoning of the new states that membership would be based on the fact that most international countries have recognized Kosovo.

May 3 Congress has added on agenda the Kosovo's accession. Sources within the "Politika", suggest that in this case UEFA will make a huge violation of the statute and various procedural errors.

They even comment on the decision because of "political influence". Kosovo aims to become the 55th member of UEFA. To come so far, needed 36 votes, and so far the independence of Kosovo is recognized from 38 European countries.

Serbs: Kosovo will be accepted by UEFA Serbs: Kosovo will be accepted by UEFA Saturday, April 30, 2016 Rating: 5
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