Panama Papers - the scandal extends to Albania

 The latest world scandal published by the international media, where state leaders, businessmen, athletes and artists have avoided taxes throughout Panama law firm "Mossack Fonceca", turns out to be an Albanian citizen involved, Ismail Mulleti.

According to the Israeli newspaper "Haaretz", which is one of the mainstream media engaged in exposing the roots of the scandal of "Panama Papers" in the multitude of documents of Panama firm has revealed the name of a lawyer, Halki Assaf, who registered four companies through "Mossack Fonseca".

One of the businesses of Halkinit, evidenced in her article is "GFI Technologies', recorded on May 2013 on the island of Anguillas with intent to invest in high-tech companies in Albania. GFI Technologies, dealing with the marking of fuel got by Berisha Government concession before the latter handing the power.

"Haaretz" reports that the owners of the company is an Albanian citizen named Ismail Mullet, former shareholder of a major hotel in Tirana and the Canadian firm "Global Fluids International S.A.".

GFI Albania, through a 10-year contract costing 150 million of euros, had to color the oil in accordance with the intended use, with purpose eliminating abuse of the quality of the destination and at the end tax avoidance.

Panama Papers - the scandal extends to Albania Panama Papers - the scandal extends to Albania Monday, April 04, 2016 Rating: 5
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