Greek barbarities in Albania

250 villages were destroyed, 100-thousand people emigrated, 11 prosperous and flourishing provinces, Gora, Devoll, Korce, Kolonja, Leskovik, Përmet, Frashër, Skrapar, Tepelena, Kurveleshi, Gjirokastra are destroyed 98 years ago, in 1914, Albanians are massacred by Greek Holy Battalion nearby Këlcyra, in Peshtan, in Tepelenë where Greeks killed and throwned tens of babys in the pit, while to pregnant women the babyes were removed alive with knives.

In Luaras, Ersekë are slaughtered 14 children. From July 2 to 10, 1914 in the Panariti  area of Korca were taken and slaughtered over 375 Albanians, 298 of them from Panariti were slaughtered in Grabocka and Greeks threw their heads in the gulf of Karakollit! Panariti were burned.

On February 25, 1914 in the Bazaar Kuqar Kosinë Greeks slaughtered the children  in front of their mothers and made unprecedented human massacres at Kosina Church. On April 29, 1914 at Rrapi of Hormove Square, Tepelenë and in the Church on the Hill Greeks slaughtered up to over 217 Albanians. 98 houses were burned.
Livestock is stole, thousands of cattle herds!

These findings are published firsty on, extracted by the book  "Barbaritë Greke në Shqipëri" (Greek barbarities in Albania) written in 1917 by Costa P. Tomori Leusa.

Greek barbarities in Albania Greek barbarities in Albania Saturday, April 09, 2016 Rating: 5
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