Turkey provides 12 thousand documents on Albania of Ottoman era

 About 12 thousand documents on Albania were preserved in central archives of Istanbul, and now in the Central State Archive. During a recent visit to the Albanian head of archives, Gjet Ndoi had in Turkey, it became possible to obtain thousands of documents of national historic importance. 

"The purpose of the visit was the exchange of documents by both parties in electronic form. During talks with the Turkish side, headed by Director General of Archives of Turkey Mr. Ugur Unal and Deputy Director-General, Mr. Sebahattin Bayram, it was agreed to carry out the necessary modalities, even with the support of TIKA's start off by both parties ", says Director Ndoi. Is expected to visit Tirana the General Director of Archives of Turkey, and both parties to send relevant experts, to recognize the state of documents and ways to their mutual exchanges. 

Each document is important for what it carries. A part of the documents talks about land management, or political life in Turkey of Ismail Kamal. Kamal made three repeated attempts to convince the Ottoman Government to give autonomy to Albanians. Kamal felt that instead of absolutist regime of the Ottoman to establish a parliamentary constitutional monarchy, similar to that of some European countries. Mehmed Said Pasha, former Prime Minister of Turkey, wrote in his memoirs (1912) that Ismail Kamal presented to Sultan the draft constitution, which he (Said Pasha) called as the most suitable for the establishment of a parliamentary regime in the Ottoman Empire. The adoption of such a constitution will pave the way for decentralization reforms, the implementation of which local authorities would pass into the hands of the natives and the representatives of all the peoples of the Empire. A lot of documents in the Ottoman Empire show on political activity Ismail Kamal, little known in our history. Interestingly, in some documents is written about an almost unknown personage for our History, but an influential character in that period. He is Bib Doda, otherwise known as the prince of the Catholic regions of the North.

Thus these documents will make possible to see our History from another angle. Seems that in this context Albanian Historians have a lot of work to do.

Turkey provides 12 thousand documents on Albania of Ottoman era Turkey provides 12 thousand documents on Albania of Ottoman era Friday, March 18, 2016 Rating: 5
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