Serbian History is a Big Lie, say Helsinki's President in Belgrade

 Serbian History is a Big Lie, say Helsinki's President in Belgrade
 Sonja Biserko, president of the Helsinki Committee in Serbia, told recently to the Croatian magazine, "Vijenac", that the whole story of Serbia is "a big lie".

"Serbia has no real access to a part of its history linked to the Ottoman Empire. Ignorance of facts has created the myth of Kosovo, the Serbian heroism and the heavenly kingdom. The whole history of Serbia is a big lie," said Sonja Biserko without pardon, during an extensive interview to "Vijenac".

She once again she reiterated that the Serbs were preparing for war against the Croats since the death of former President of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito.

"The Faculty of Law in Belgrade has been one of the main pillars of the Great Serbia project, from there are defined all political efforts of Milosevic; from there were talked about the right of Serbs to revolt, denying other republics existence within Yugoslavia. These arguments are used in the texts published in books and newspapers. And memorandum Dream is one of those documents. They all claimed that Yugoslavia must be reorganized Yugoslavia, in order for Serbs to catch and seize their ethnic territory," Biserko said.

She also talked about the minister's statement in Jadovno Aleksandar Vulin, labeling it as "megaphone of Vucic".
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