Vetevendosje joins LDK-AAK-NISMA

LDK-AAK-NISMA say that they are ready to govern with Vetevendosje.

Ahmet Isufi from Alliance for Kosovo Future (AAK) and Bilall Sherifi from Nisma say they agree with Kujtim Shala from LDK, that what Vetevendosje asks is reasonable and after the court’s decision they will begun consultations for a possible coalition.

While Dadran Molliqaj from Vetevendosje welcomed the deicison, he did not comment any further, and there aren’t many details over this cooperation.
Vetevendosje joins LDK-AAK-NISMA Vetevendosje joins LDK-AAK-NISMA Monday, August 11, 2014 Rating: 5
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