Albanian former footballers jailed after traded cocaine

Albanian former footballers jailed after traded cocaine

  Two former professional footballers, part of an organized crime gang were jailed for a total of 44 years after being caught with cocaine worth of £ 2 million.

Albanian drug distributors were under surveillance by undercover police officers, when they bought an amount of 20 kg of drugs in Peterborough sent it to a secluded house in the center of London.

They were arrested after sold to two clients cocaine packages on September 1 last year.

Detectives found the rest of the drug in a house in Finchley, north London and seized a total of £ 116,000 in cash.

In the court of Old Bailey was found the head of the gang, Amarildo Fufi, 25 years old, his right hand, Basmir Berberi, 31, and the "plotter soldier" Mario Xhafa, 26, were Albanian professional footballer before turning to criminals.

Fufi, who once played for Partizan of Tirana allegedly comes from a prominent Albanian family and owned a Cessna plane.

Berberi was a member of the Albanian national team, but his career ended two years ago, when he suffered a serious knee injury. Xhafa also suffered a knee injury during a match for the Italian team Benevento Calcio in Serie C.

The three, along with Kamadon Dishan, 27, pleaded guilty to drug distribution.

The Judge Recorder Max Hill QC, sentenced Fufi to 16 years in prison, Berberi 12 years in prison and Xhafa and Dishën to 8 years in prison each.

Marius Paul, an Albanian car washer who was caught attempting to buy 1 kg of cocaine from the gang, was sentenced to five years in prison.

"This is a destructive drug trade and a criminal offense which makes you rich, but for others causes poverty and sometimes death. This is why the court should take a serious view when picked people involved in a conspiracy to supply drugs of this type. What police discovered from all supervision, was a small network of organized crime involving buying and selling large quantities of cocaine with a purity of 80%," said Recorder Hill to Albanians.

Fufi had made possible the passage of Berberi from Albania to the United Kingdom, in May last year.

Having secured a house in Mansfield House in Great North Road, and an apartment in Winkley, Muswell Hill, Disha brought 20 kg of cocaine from Peterborough.

The drugs is brought to London and Xhafa handed one-kilogram packages to Pali and another unidentified client in a black Mercedes.

During house search was discovered one-kilogram packages of cocaine, carefully wrapped.

In the apartment in Winkley are found passports and registration papers for a blue car type Ford Mondeo along with several thousand pounds in cash.

Disha was in possession of an amount of £ 116,000 in cash.

Fufi and Berberi admitted charges of drug distribution of class A, and also Disha Paul admitted the committing of this offense./Oculus News

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