Grezda Eros, another Albanian talent

 Eros Grezda has been one of the best discoveries of the season, not only in Croatia but also in Albania, where for the sake of truth, few experts know about him. The 21-year-old footballer continues to make the difference for the team of Lokomotiva Zagreb.

Grezda is selected from the official League page as part of the best team of the week. Although his team was defeated 0-1 in from Rijeka, where two other Albanians are activated, Balaj and Roshi, but the performance of the boy from Gjakova was actually quite good. Where at most of the time was the Albanian striker who put pressure on the opposite team, although not able to make a goal.

This season he has done 8 goals in 24 meetings, while the team from Zagreb, helped not only by Grezda, but also by two other Albanians, Çekiçi and Prenga, also members of this team, is well positioned in 4th place.

While with his appearances Grezda convinced the coach the national team of 21 year olds Redi Jupi to send an invitation, where the player from from Kosovo was part of two qualifiers matchs against Greece and Hungary, although not activated for bureaucratic issue related to Albanian passport. Now he is fully ready to contribute for the red and black colors.

Grezda Eros, another Albanian talent Grezda Eros, another Albanian talent Tuesday, April 19, 2016 Rating: 5
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