Conte wants Hysaj to Chelsea

His excellent performance with Naples aroused the interest of many giant teams in Europe for Hysaj. Diego Simeone, Atletico Madrid wants to have the Albanian defenser in his team.  Meanwhile also the and Italian coach Antonio Conte who will lead Chelsea, has expreased his interest for Hysaj.

Albanian soccer manager as Spanish media say, stressed that Hysaj is able for teams like Real Madrid, Manchester United or Chelsea. Among other things, Giuffredi  talks about the possibility of Hysaj to leave his team during summer transfer window.

"If Napoli would consider selling him could benefit a great amount. We are not currently discussing a contract extension because we do not want to create problems but it is clear that only 7 months ago he was another player and his appearance this season changed him. I stress, the renewal is not a priority. I know Elseid Hysaj for many years and I knew that he would erupt in Naples. Now he has become a high-caliber player and I think he is ready for teams like Chelsea, Real Madrid or Manchester. "

Conte wants Hysaj to Chelsea Conte wants Hysaj to Chelsea Friday, April 08, 2016 Rating: 5
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