1500 Seedlings Planted in Mirdita

The Minister of the Environment Lefter Koka and Deputy Prime Niko Peleshi inspected today the start of afforestation in the valley of Fan (Reps). In one of the most degraded areas from erosion has began the planting of 1,500 seedlings of acacia.

Environment Minister Lefter Koka said that the rehabilitation of degraded areas and reforestation will continue throughout the year across the country as measures and investments on the framework of the Moratorium of 10 - year ban of the use of forests. Minister Koka said that it is about a political and albanian society awareness and that this drastic measure to be functional.

"The moratorium is certainly a drastic measure, but from '45 years Albania has had a desproporcional forest exploitation. And today we are in a situation where the decision is a cost but what distinguishes this government and this parliament today is the courage and the vision to make this change and get appreciation maybe not today, but at least after 10 years," said Minister Koka.

In his speech Peleshi Niko said that the Albanian government has decided to reverse the approach to the environment by investing in causes.

"There was a forest mismanagement which has forced the Ministry of Environment and the Government of Albania to take the drastic measure of moratorium. The moratorium will be accompanied by very strong sanctions on those who would dare to violate it" said Peleshi.

The area where reforestation has begun is located in partly at the watershed of Fan river, and is characterized by degraded forest by 70% from illegal and uncontrolled exploitation.
1500 Seedlings Planted in Mirdita 1500 Seedlings Planted in Mirdita Tuesday, February 02, 2016 Rating: 5
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