Kosovo will not be divided as Bosnia

Kosovo will not be divided as Bosnia

Visar Ymeri, vice president of Vetevendosje, speaks to Danas about the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue Pristina - Serbia needs to change approach towards Kosovo, it should not continue to be an obstacle to the Republic of Kosovo, equality and coexistence within Kosovo, and should not be an obstacle to Kosovo’s equality with other countries. It cannot decide on the composition of the Government of Kosovo and the duration of the formation of institutions of our republic, told Danas Visar Ymeri, vice president of Self-Determination movement, led by Albin Kurti. This is Imery’s answer to the question what kind of reaction from Serbia he expects, if Self-determination may lead technical dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina and the current opposition parties form a new government without Hashim Thaci.
What would be different in the dialogue, led by Hashim Thaci, and the technical dialogue that you will lead?

- We will start with an open democratic dialogue with the Kosovo citizens of Serbian national affiliation, within the paradigm of economic and social development, as the only healthy way to their integration into society. This dialog would set the state institutions into the function of economic development and special attention would be given to the regions and its economic and developmental specificities. We have had many futile attempts focused to the institutional integration of citizens of Serbian nationality. These futile attempts resulted in the institutional integration of political representatives (where most of them, both Albanians and Serbs ended up being corrupted politicians), but also with cooperation and coexistence of smugglers and the other parts of organized crime. On the other hand, citizens are divided.

So you will open the dialogue to the public?

- We do not need to consider the current dialogue, to find out the truth behind it. As you know, this is a closed diplomatic dialogue, conducted away from the public eye, and on the basis of extremely unhealthy and unprincipled political and legal position of Serbia towards Kosovo. It is not the way of normalization of relations. All that is normalized are meetings between outgoing Prime Minister Hashim Thaci and the last one in Serbia, Ivica Dacic.

The Brussels agreement...

- The agreement reached on 19 April need to be considered in relation to international standards of democracy and equality and in accordance with the constitutionality of the Republic of Kosovo. This agreement has opened the Nazi approach towards the Albanians - the police commander in the north, according to the agreement must be a member of the Serbian National Community! It contains a dangerous approach (Association of municipalities with Serbian majority) that virtually divides Kosovo along ethnic lines similar to the Republika Srpska of Bosnia and Herzegovina. For this, we will, among other things, use the mechanism of the Venice Commission.

Is that all?

- Fourth, we need to intensify our dialogue with the European Commission and other EU institutions, on the membership of the Republic of Kosovo in the EU. One of the criteria of membership as well is relations with neighbours. In this regard, we will engage in good relations with all our neighbours, based on the principles of mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity as well as international personality of the state.

Whether the Serbian list will take part in the dialogue and in which role?

- As you know, the constitutional obligation is that in the Government of Kosovo, we have representatives of all minority ethnic groups living in Kosovo. This constitutional obligation derives from the same principle that is used in the wrong way, and very harmful to the entire Ahtisaari plan, which considers all the problems in Kosovo as ethnical. The history of Kosovo is a history of attempted liberation from colonial occupier - Serbia, and not fights against the Serbs. We believe that these constitutional obligations are unfair because they are based and maintained on citizens’ inequality. But, of course, we are aware that in this situation it is the Constitution and it will be the obligation.

The Serbian list, because of your views, may not support the opposition bloc, and therefore its participation in the government is uncertain?

- The Kosovo Serbs are in need of an authentic political representation based on their interests to reduce unemployment and poverty, as well as an equal distribution of goods. This policy of an authentic representation of the citizens of Kosovo is required for all. The Serbian List is created in Belgrade and dictated from Belgrade. It is the embodiment of that Belgrade's instrumented policy towards Kosovo Serbs with hegemonic and expansionist aims. Statement of representative of the list that they have no problem with Self-determination; Self-determination has a problem with Serbia – is not that a proof? In fact, Serbia has a problem with Self-determination, which is the crystallization of authentic politics of decolonization and emancipation of Kosovo.


We are confident that we will achieve the integration of workers, farmers, students, miners, teachers, doctors ... just the kind of integration guarantees the coexistence and cooperation, and consequently peace./Express/
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