Sea Agreement, Berisha: I am open to any Investigation

Sea Agreement with Greece will be investigated by the Prosecution of Tirana, as there is reasonable suspicion that they are seriously prejudiced the interests of Albania. 

Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha said he was open to any investigation of this deal, but he said the Prime Minister is doing a great evil to Albania. According to Berisha, the government avoids the court in favor of dark negotiations in European Commission halls.

"All the laws of the state are respeced. The method of the seawater share-out is  based on international maritime treaty. There are two practices, in 98% of tha cases is followed this practise, wich is called the practice of proportional rule. The second practice is that of deep bays. This  is used in Europe no more than 2-3 times. These gentlemen are causing to the country a great problem, and we should not take at ease the blocking of the problem solving. Not. We make it clear to Greek authorities after the resolution of the Constitutional Court, exept of the implementation of the resolution. I am open to any investigation, but the problem is that these lead to not resolve the problem with the court, but to resolve such cases in analogy with the European Commission. If you have territorial issue, you can't move on. The recent report of the European Commission, has introduced this issue because Greece is a member of the club and have decided to settle," Berisha said.
Sea Agreement, Berisha: I am open to any Investigation Sea Agreement, Berisha: I am open to any Investigation Saturday, August 09, 2014 Rating: 5
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