Disagreements about the Berlin Summit

The Conference for Balkan will be held in Berlin on August 28th, 2014, but there have been already conflicts between the organizers and Balkan countries. Diplomatic sources told Top Channel that the conference, an initiative of Angela Merkel, has not been calm for some Balkan capitals.

The cabinet of the German chancellor, according to the source, has suddenly notified the participating countries that Angela Merkel will appear in the conference only with the Prime Minister of Albania.

Belgrade has reacted immediately, saying that the Albanian Prime Minister cannot speak on behalf of the entire region. Croatia and Slovenia have also shown their discontent.

But the reactions have left the plans of Berlin unchanged, refusing any other discussion for this point. The same diplomatic source underlined that the visibility reserves to the Prime Minister of Albania has a reason. The visit of Rama in Berlin this April was a clear sign for a new chapter between the relations of Albania and Germany.

The first meeting ended with a promise of Angela Merkel to visit Tirana within one year. But this is not enough to explain the special format of August 28. Whatever are the reasons, the return of Rama in Berlin will be a visit to be remembered./top channel/
Disagreements about the Berlin Summit Disagreements about the Berlin Summit Monday, August 18, 2014 Rating: 5
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