Berisha: "I don't support Fullani's discharge"

The former Albanian President, Sali berisha, commented the scandal at the Bank of Albania, underlining that hits against this institution damage the financial stability. 

According to Berisha, the case is under investigation and the Bank of Albania is fully cooperating with the Prosecution: "The Bank is cooperating iwth the Prosecution. We do not defend any person, and you must be sure that Ardian Fullani has not demanded any protection or support".

The former Prime MInister declared that any non political parliamentary initiative for discharging the Governor would have his support, but he would never support a political one. "The mafia in our Parliament cannot have my support, because its boss is Edi Rama and every decision goes through him and it is related to the people who became billionaires by stealing".

As for the closure of universities, Berisha declared that this is related to corruptive interests. "With these measures, the government is killing a newborn. This will send ALbania to the bitter heritage of the fathers of Edi Rama", Berisha declared./top channel/ - Oculus News
Berisha: "I don't support Fullani's discharge" Berisha: "I don't support Fullani's discharge" Tuesday, August 12, 2014 Rating: 5
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