Rama on France 3: Our future is Europe


 Prime Minister Rama went to France on a tour of lobbying to convince the government of Paris that Albania deserves candidate status. In an interview for France 3 television Rama said the future of Albania is Europe. He said that French should not be deterred from the candidate status of Albania.

Reporter: Edi Rama, thank you for being with us! I imagine you have been closely following the European Parliament elections and have seen that there is more disappointment towards Europe and European institutions and you want to join the club, what draws you in Europe?

Edi Rama: We are part of those Europeans that aren't still disappointed by Europe. We are of those Europeans who still believe the dream of Schuman and all the founding fathers of Europe. I'll tell you something:  There are 100 years since the First World War began and after it the cycle of wars, but it is the first time we have peace  in the Balkans, not because we are angels of peace, but because we are convinced that Europe is our future. I say this for my country and also for everyone else. I do not see and do not believe that there is any other project that mankind has created that can be compared with European project.

Reporter: Lets emphasize to viewers that you speak French so well, we saw earlier that the French language is taught in your country, but in your case is that you have lived many years in France.

Edi Rama: Albania is part of  Francophonie and is a place where French is taught, where many speak foreign languages. Is the country with the youngest age in Europe and also the country that has emerged from a savage dictatorship. Also, is the country where its people, statistically, are the most hospitable toward Europe.

Reporter: What would you say to those who see this interview and say, even another country, another country even poorer than us. Does Euroscepticism teases you, how will you react to them?

Edi Rama: I believe that Euroscepticism is fueled by fears that are not based in the reality of Europe and I regret that Euroscepticism continues to grow, I do not see any other project on the possible future of our children, as Europe.

Reporter: You do not think that should be a break, for new entries?

Edi Rama: I'll tell French something very simple: No need to worry, because we'll get the candidate status but we will not be immediately members.

Candidate status is the first step, then negotiations that take about ten years, thus you not have to worry. But on the other hand, is strange that France, one of the founding pillars of Europe is in this situation, quite unique, where the talk of Europe is not so politically regular and is really something makes you feel bad.

Reporter: You will meet Francois Hollande tomorrow and probably will talk about the European elections, but do you think you have his support on candidate status?

Edi Rama: I believe that the French president had a clear vision, when last year gathered the leaders of European countries in Bordeaux and spoke to a European future of Balkan countries. And I believe also that Chancellor Angela Merkel has also a clear vision for the future of Europe when she has been commited to organize a summit with Balkan leaders in order to see the possibilities of how these countries can be linked together in a common future.
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