Albanian Traditional Cuisine


Is said that the word "cuisine" ( Alb: kuzhinë) derives from the ancient Albanian language. In ancient Illyrian Times was pronounced ku zina (Eng: cu sine), that means the place where we cook the food. Later this world was transformed in kuzhinë (Eng: cuisine).
Albanian traditional food is varicoloured and very rich. Today's Albanian region comprises more than 28% of all Europe kind of plants (imagine the ancient Illyrian terrain wich comprises almos all Balkan Peninsula), that means that in Albania is naturally grown watermelon, very tasty strawberries, broccoli, fresh tomatoes, cucumber, all kind of peppers and beans, some kind of rices, sugar-beet, okra, beans, a variety tipe of corns, and endless food plants.
This richness of food has helped our people to survive the cruelty of the centuries and the endless invasions from almost all Empires that reached Europe.
Thus, our History and our rich land has elaborated our food tradition and enabled the origination of a variety of real and very tasty foods.
These are the grandiose reasons to not miss every traditional recipe!

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