A tasteful pumpkin pie

Pie is one of the most popular dishes of traditional Albanian cuisine, is served in almost every case; there are more than 1000 kind traditional Albanian pies. Pumpkin recipe that we are presenting below, can be served as a sweet (by adding 3 tablespoons of sugar) and salty (by adding a little white cheese as desired).
Ingredients for a pan with a diameter of about 40cm.
15 leafs of pie
1kg. pumpkin pulp
0.3kg. milk
3 eggs
1 tablespoon of flour
Pieces of cheese for salt piet or 3 tablespoons sugar for sweet pie
Initially we clean and mince the pumkin.
In a saucepan, we melt about 02 kg. of butter and after add the minced pumpkin and let this way in low fire for about 30 minutes; thus pumpkin's unnecessary liquid will evaporate.

In a bowl we beat eggs, add milk, flour, a little salt, 0.1kg. melted butter and the pumpkin by mixing very well; this is the mass we fill the pie.

Then we lubricate the pan were we'll make the pie, add 5 leafs of pie by sprinkling each one with milk, add the half of the mass, than 5 other leafs (sprinkled with milk).

Then add the remaining mass and we finish by adding the last leafs (sprinkled with milk). We add on the remaining milk and we put the prepared pan in the oven that was heated before and we let for about 30 minutes in 200°. Everything is ready.
Ju bëftë mirë!
A tasteful pumpkin pie A tasteful pumpkin pie Tuesday, June 10, 2014 Rating: 5
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