Europe must find Homer

By Marion Mardodaj

 Bust of Homer. British Museum, London (Britain). Photo Marco Prins.
It is true that Greek art and culture  have contributed profoundly to the world which we live. Greek culture is embodied in the decoration of the main buildings in Paris, Berlin, Rome, London, Vienna, etc.. Strabo, Hippocrates, Ptolemy, Galen and many ancient Greek scholars laid the foundations of modern science.

Greek mythology and poems is the main food for prestigious European theaters and they prevail when become subjected  of Hollywood films.
Greek poems influenced  Homer, Virgil, Dante Alighieri, Miguel de Cervantes, John Milton and endless immortal poets who have inspired and inspire leaders that constantly affect the future of humanity. Ancient Athens flows in the veins of Europe, it is an everyday wine in its tables, and apparently, this time should have to pay dearly for heaving it. Greece has screwed Europe for centuries with its fabulous mythology, while now Greece  squirms intoxicated - like those innate talents, who take away everything very quickly from the life, and waits hardly to finally get even death. But in fact I don’t think that is exactly like this. Greece today grapples intoxicated as those spoiled children, whom they lacked nothing in this world besides achievement and personal success, which they found in drugs. In fact, the Greek problem is genetic and the ancient city of Athens as democracy itself:

1. Democracy in Athens was an advanced system for the time, but this is limited in terms of citizen participation in it. To be a citizen of Athens was imperative that you were a male over 20 years, to have a genealogy of a known family of Athens, to become family patriarch, fighter, and to be able to carry  weapons. Gender, race and class determine citizenship. As a result, a large number of people were stripped of citizenship, including those families who had settled in Athens for several generations. According to researchers, in Athens, the number of slaves was two to three times greater than the citizens. In ancient Greece appeared for the first time oligarchy, despotism, tyranny, conservative minority rule. This genetic problem appears nowadays in moderation. For example, to have social facilities in Greece currently, should change your name to be baptized or have to take care not to speak in public the language of your ancestors. Which symbolically means that others  are viewed as "slaves". While the oligarchy that ruled Greece recent decades is expected to appear in the sequel of the gradual economic ebb is facing and becouse of the weakening of its geopolitical interests globally.

2. Wherever Helens landed in the Mediterranean during the centuries of migration stages VII, VIII BC (story Greca, Claude Orrieux, Pauline Schmitt Pantel, p.75), are found in countries populated by people who lived there for a long time, speaking non-Hellenistic languages and had developed an original civilization. It is often attempted to minimize the weight of the vitality of local civilization because all available resources are Hellenic. To legitimize their presence, Helens, named all the tomb they see. Though, building gradually a specific Pantheon. In this way, the anonymity of the dead became a hero, a hero related with a territory and a family. The same approach of heroes  was recorded in some Greek graves in Albania a few years ago, ignoring as usual the "Cham massacre". Yesterday, two expontents of neo-nazis party “Golden Dawn” went to Himara, to take part in a graveside ceremony of a greek minority boy, who died accidentaly in an conflict two years before. They outlawed the orthodox priest from the village’s church for doing a particular ritual. Who knows what they did, but one thing is for sure: their phisiognomy was very diferent from nazi’s one: they are lilliputians, because of the dense Mediterranian low-level sea Greek air, which doesn’t allows a natural effort for their lungs to breathe end their magnification as a result, and they stature as a consequence; their skin is dusk, their melanine pigment is developed through thousands of years.

3. Greek city-states never came as a nation (Nationalism: A Very Short Introduction, Steven Grosby, p.55), despite the different data of a Panhellenic awareness, even these during the Greco-Persian wars, an authoritative center capable of propagating an awareness of the Panhellenic existence never ran.
In addition to conflicts between Greek city-states, the main conflicts were generated between their   home side and newcomers. This atavism of genetically impregnated comes gross even today, as Greece with all the neighboring countries has different disputes, being so far from the sense of cooperation and solidarity.

4. With the fade of the Roman Empire, this inherited dispute was resolved with the establishment of the Byzantine Empire. Basically, it was a combination of Hellenization, with Roman militarism and Christianity, being baptized so as orthodoxism. For this composition to resist the time, was necessary to kill Panthenon: In 381 A. D. Byzantines closed All Eleusinian Mysteries. Eleusis was a small town northeast of ancient Athens. While "Eleusinian Mysteries" were sacred rituals among the most important religious festivals in ancient Greece. In the 15th century, the Byzantines took the sword and slaughtered every man to worship the gods of early Hellenistic. Until today, on the Byzantine manuscripts were identified at least 3,000 corrections. This inherited institutional culture manipulation, murder, fraud and conflicts, clarify the fact that Greece, since 2001 has consistently paid "Goldman Sachs" and other banks hundreds of millions of dollars to fix and hide the real level of debt. I believe that these facts are enough to prove that Pantheon can not be killed. Venus, Uranus, Chronos, Zeus,Diona etc.  All gods are alive. They hate each other, as Papandreou  hatesSamaras, but they can also hurt each other, as Kronosi cut the genitals of his father Uranus. And when the gods dosen’t agree between them, the fate of people become unclear.

 All these fact’s have not concerned Europe, although the study of Greek legal history has been historically a European venture dominated by the Germans and the French, who are currently intend to help Greece financially. Europe has always seen Greece as a expensive "pipe", from where  can drink endless. But in fact it turned out that this barrel was consumed by the Greeks, and the remained  wine it is fermented.

Greece is far from modern concepts and carries critical problem. Governments technical or referenda, however it does not do anything but reveal an ancient oligarchy. Greece intends to live isolated in its micro illusions. Greece has fed its people as Greece has fed Europe, making the future unpredictable. Europe is in a dilemma, should continue to feed the crocodile, while on the other hand, Greece is becoming more and more into a less frequented zoo. Europe is in crisis, at a time when the globe reached 7 billion people and in China people are abandoning bicycles in favor of cars. Europe must find the roots of Homer as true educator of ancient Greece, according to Plato. Europe does not yet know whether Homer existed or not. But Homer's roots must be found as he made generations of Greeks to memorize whole or in part his poems, he was the only one who conveyed the natural spirit of community among the Greeks. Europe must “excavate” to find Homer’s methods of work, in order to be able to teach today's Greeks the European Union Hymn.
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